Start your ICO Launch your rocket and Try to go to the moon

Tap to dump the booster

Exchange your tokens to upgrade your rocket.


If you tape too late, you blast !

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of the game?

The goal of the game is to send Cryptonauts to the moon with a rocket powered by bitcoins and win lambos that yield altcoins.
With altcoins, you can upgrade your rocket, buy skins and become a whale!

How to propel my rocket?

Start the Bitcoin reactors and get ready to dump the booster in time, but not too late otherwise you will expose as a vulgar scamexit!
Reach as high as possible to increase your ATH and get your friends madly engaged ranking.

What’s ATH?

All Time High is your highest score, calculated in BTC and used for the overall Ranking.

What are the Lambos for?

The Lambos are the ultimate class, when you have, we know directly that you're a Whale!
Lambs will make you earn SaTT every hour, it pays off to have Lambos.

Who are the Cryptonauts?google-play.png

Cryptonauts are brave guys who believe in the future of Blockchain and Crypto, they are ready to try the adventure to the moon charged with Altcoins, they all dream of lambos.
Cryptonauts fear bears.

How to get premium skins, ethereum, eos, ripple ...?

Contact Brad Garlinghouse for RIPPLE :

Contact Vitalik Buterin for ETHEREUM :

Contact Brendan Blumer for EOS :

Contact Charlie LEE for LITECOIN :

Contact Justin Sun for TRON :

Contact Dominik Schiener for IOTA :

Contact Kathleen Breitman for TEZOS :

Contact Zooko Wilcox for ZCASH :

Contact Jackson Palmer for DOGECOIN :

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